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Major Site Update

Major site update to start implementing some of the changes outlined in "Project Seeking42, Part 1": revamp home page and archives, remove "self improvement" category, add "arts and sciences", add eclipse series, etc. Read...

Dizziness and Vertigo

During the first month of keto-adaptation, I experienced some dehydration, cramping, dizziness, weakness, and other symptoms. Recently, I experienced some vertigo after starting a strength training program. Read...

Clean-Peeling Eggs

I recently read an awesome article on how to produce perfectly boiled eggs with clean-peeling shells. The secret is to boil water (in a full pot or at the bottom of a steamer), add cold eggs, then simmer or steam for 11 minutes. Read...

Low Carb Diet, Part 5: The Deep End

In this installment, I'll discuss The Eating Academy, the personal blog of Dr. Peter Attia. Once you start reading the information-dense articles there, you will indeed be in the deep end of the pool and, if you're like me, loving it. Read...

Project Seeking42, Part 1

It's 5/5, the Groundhog Day Resolutions review day for May, so I thought it would be appropriate to write about the "making of" the Seeking42 blog project, review its current state, and think about the next phase. Read...

How to Cook Artichokes

The first time I ate a fresh artichoke, it had been cooked whole in a pot of boiling water. It tasted fine but did not quite seem worth the effort, especially since most of it was inedible, and it was so difficult to remove the choke (the hairy inner core) to get to the heart. Read...

Low Carb Diet, Part 4: Tools and References

In this installment, I'll talk about a few references, tools, and techniques I have found useful. I try to track my numbers daily, not because I'm obsessed with them, but because it might help me understand what's going on when I introduce changes. Read...

Chocolate Custard

I've been on the look out for desserts that don't involve adding flour and sugar, so when I saw an easy recipe for chocolate pots de creme on the Food Network, I knew I had to try it. Pot de creme is a smooth French dessert custard (literally "pot of cream"). Read...

How to Watch a Lunar Eclipse

I enjoyed watching Monday night's total lunar eclipse. For future reference, I thought I should make a few notes on what to do when the next one occurs. First, go to the NASA eclipse site and look up details for the eclipse. Read...

Tissue Animals

I saw this fascinating stop action animation on imgur, and the more I looked into it the more amazed I became. It was made by the Japanese tissue paper company Nepia. Read...



SpaceX Launch 2013

(this article first appeared in our 2013 holiday newsletter) At the end of September, we saw a launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket as it sent a weather satellite into polar orbit from Vandenberg Air Force Base. Read...

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