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The articles on this site are organized into the following categories:

      Health and Fitness (exercise, nutrition, sports, martial arts)

      Home and Gear (food, storage, organization, tools, products)

      Arts and Sciences (art, history, literature, entertainment, science)

      Travel (touring, camping, hiking, trips)

      Projects (diy, sewing, woodworking, coding, you name it)

      Tips and Techniques (urawaza, productivity, self improvement)

      Mildly Interesting (with a nod to the original and imgur sites)

      Miscellaneous (site updates, and anything that doesn't fall into one of the above categories)

Color coded faux stardate notation is used to compactly convey date and category. For example, 1312.11 indicates a "Mildly Interesting" item with a blog entry date of December 11th, 2013. A mildly interesting note: the next descending stardate will not occur until 0302.01 (February 1st, 3003).

For information on article archives, see the archives page.

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If the google bots are caught up crawling over the material of interest, the search box (at the top and bottom of each page) is probably the best way to find stuff on this site.


Below is a list of terms used by various articles on this site (so they don't have to be re-explained each time they are used).
LCHF diet
low carbohydrate, high fat diet. Used to attain or maintain a keto-adapted (also known as a ketogenic or fat metabolizing) state. See the Seeking42 low carb diet series.
net carb
total carbohydrates minus fiber. That's how I use the term, using data from a food's Nutrition Facts label if it exists, or from a site that seems trustworthy (such as this one), or my own best guess. Some people subtract a fraction (or none) of the fiber. Since there is no legal definition, always take a "net carbs" number with a grain of salt, especially from a manufacturer's label.
ninja trick (a loose translation using the modern usage of "ninja"). A more literal translation of this Japanese term might be something like "clever, alternative technique". Also known as a life hack.

Seeking42 Article Series

An "articles series" is a topic that has (or will assuredly have) 3 or more parts. Looking at the list at the bottom of this page: Article series:

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