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This is a personal blog, written from my own experiences. Many topics could be characterized by the acronym IWFM (it works for me). I could not possibly know if it will work for you.

Another apt acronym in my life is WWIT (what was I thinking)! A fair amount of the time I am trying something I've never tried before and madly scrambling to get things to work out. I'm usually pretty good at it, as witnessed by my engineering career. Your mileage may differ.

To paraphrase Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy:
    Dammit Jim! I'm an engineer, not a
    •   doctor
    •   nutritionist
    •   health care professional
    •   representative of (insert product manufacturer name here)
    •   etc

Use any information on this blog or linked from this blog at your own risk.

only Seeking42
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