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Portable Mixer Stand

Even if I had a huge kitchen, I would prefer to keep its counters clear of everything except what I use frequently. My mixer does not fall into that category.

What's more, it is large, heavy, and has a lot of bulky attachments. I needed something to keep it and its accessories stored together, out of the way, yet easy to use when I did have the need.

I built this mixer stand several years ago out of plywood and some casters. It is 20" wide by 14" deep, and 34" high to be a comfortable working height for me. It's difficult to tell from the photos, but the top surface is strengthened by a vertical piece of plywood to support the weight of the mixer.

I was afraid the unit would be top heavy and require weights for stability, but positioning it against a counter for use works out fine. I do take care when wheeling it around, but that's largely because I have to roll it across deep carpeting. My kitchen is a narrow L-shaped galley with few outlets. The mixing stand needs to sit at end of the long leg of the L, blocking the silverware drawer, but it's easily moved aside when access to the drawer is needed.

I also store seldom used baking equipment in the unit. I use a clear container and position items to show what's inside. The upper left photo shows a hand mixer, measuring tube, and sifter. The upper right photo shows the other side of the container, where I've put a cutout from a cookie decorating set box. On top of the container I store a set of flexible cutting boards, which I use in various ways when baking.

The photo at the far left shows the contents of the container, including extra beaters and attachments, cookie and biscuit cutters, decorating tips and bottles, and other infrequently used items. The back side of the decorating set box cut out shows tip patterns. As shown in the near left photo, I also nest extra measuring bowls and a silicone mixing paddle in the stainless steel mixing bowl, covered with plastic wrap to keep dust out.

There is extra storage space in the unit, but I have to figure out a good way to use it. I tried storing baking ingredients, but found myself forgetting it was there.

I have a sinking feeling that since I've started dabbling in cookie and cake decorating, the extra space will be taken up by extra doodads in no time!

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