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Mildly Interesting [1401.06]

Pi on the Odometer

I captured the odometer on our 2011 Nissan Leaf full electric vehicle when it hit 31,415 miles, matching the numeric sequence for the first 5 digits of pi (photo taken 1306.28).

I had missed capturing 12,345 miles because I was driving on the freeway when I suddenly noticed it, and by the time I could pull over, the odometer had incremented.

I was better prepared for pi miles. I left home for work at about 31,411 miles, exited the freeway at 31,414 miles, and then drove on surface streets until the odometer registered 31,415 miles.

Things would have been fine had I just snapped the photo then. However, to get a better lighting angle, I decided to pull into what looked like an abandoned business with a huge parking lot. That, too, would have been fine, but then I decided to go to the back of the building hoping to find even better lighting. Imagine my horror when not one, but two employee cars arrived needing to park in the spots I was blocking, not to mention a dump truck which need to get by me to get to the dumpster. Fortunately, I was able to move without incrementing the odometer. I'm not sure the Leaf will make it to 314,159 miles.

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