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What Is Kendo

You may be wondering, "what the heck is this kendo thing?" The real answer: kendo is all of these things, and more!



A scoring point is defined as an accurate strike or thrust to a correct area of the opponent's protective equipment using the proper area of the shinai, with high spirit and correct posture, and followed by physical and mental alertness. This is much harder than it sounds :-). A scoring point is the combination of ki-ken-tai-ichi, meaning the spirit, sword, and body are one. Before being allowed to wear protective equipment, a beginner spends many months or even years practicing valid strikes from the proper distance to the various targets.

Note: I posted the above article almost 20 years ago (it ended "to be continued..."), where it languished on my inactive website at I've been writing more about kendo here, after becoming head instructor at Norwalk Kendo Dojo and establishing its website in 2006. And I've finally updated my alumnus page... it now forwards to Seeking42!

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