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Pudding Cream Cheese Cake

This is a simple dessert recipe with a shortbread crust and layers of cream cheese, chocolate pudding, and whipped topping. I got the recipe decades ago from one of Dave's relatives, but it turns out you can find it many places online, though with very different names.

It's an easy recipe because it uses instant pudding and instant whipped topping (aka Cool Whip). I tweaked the original recipe to use more cream cheese and topping. Later I tweaked the proportions for an 8"x8" pan (the original recipe uses a 13"x9" pan).

    13x9      8x8
     6oz      3oz    butter
    6.6oz    3.3oz   flour
    2.5oz    1.3oz   walnuts, chopped
    3.5oz    1.8oz   powdered sugar
     16oz     8oz    cream cheese
     12oz     8oz    Cool Whip
    2 boxes  1 box   instant chocolate pudding (small box, 3.9oz)
     3C      1.5C    milk
                     garnish: nuts, cocoa powder, or shaved chocolate

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cut the butter into the flour. Add nuts.
   Pat into pan.  Bake until light golden brown (13x9 about 30 minutes,
   8x8 about 20 minutes).  Cool completely.
2. Cream together powdered sugar and cream cheese.  Fold in one half the 
   Cool Whip.  Spread over crust.
3. Prepare pudding mix and milk. Pour over cream cheese layer.  Top with 
   remaining Cool Whip.
4. If desired, garnish with powdered cocoa, chocolate shavings, or finely 
   chopped nuts.
The 13x9 version makes 24 servings, each about 265 calories, 4 grams protein, and 24 grams net carbs.
The 8x8 version makes 16 servings, each about 210 calories, 3 grams protein, and 19 grams net carbs.

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