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Travel [1404.08]

Washington DC 2013

(this article first appeared in our 2013 holiday newsletter)

In March we spent a week touring Washington, D.C. I had never been, so we tacked it on to a trip I was making to attend a kendo seminar in Annandale, VA. We stayed in Falls Church VA and took public transportation into DC.

As usual, we crammed everything possible into each day. If you ever go, we recommend you wear very good walking shoes! And we also highly recommend taking a segway tour. On a 3-hour ride you can cover an amazing amount of ground. We saw Pennsylvania Avenue, the White House, Smithsonian Castle, the Capitol Building, Washington Monument, and memorials for World War II, Lincoln, Jefferson, Martin Luther King, FDR, Vietnam War, and Korean War. I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t otherwise have seen some of the latter places on our own. But we did cover tons of other stuff later, including Arlington Cemetery, Pentagon 911 Memorial, Air Force Memorial, and others. Oh, and of course, the various museums of the Smithsonian. We were totally exhausted every day.

We arrived just in time for some very bad weather. On the plus side, few people wanted to brave the elements, so we had some places pretty much to ourselves. Imagine being able to photograph the Lincoln Memorial with no one in sight!

Many thanks to Cousin Thomas for all his suggestions on what to see.

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