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Health and Fitness [1405.09]

Low Carb Diet, Part 5: The Deep End

As I indicated at the end of part 4 of the Seeking42 low carb diet series, in this installment I'll discuss The Eating Academy, the personal blog of Peter Attia, M.D. Once you start reading the information-dense articles there, you will indeed be in the deep end of the pool and, if you're like me, loving it.

Before doing that, I suggest you view this video, which presents some of Dr. Attia's insights on low carbohydrate performance (the interview is conducted by Swedish diet doctor Andreas Eenfeldt).

I, of course, recommend diving in and reading everything on the EatingAcademy site, but be forewarned - it will take a while! Not only are some of the articles very long (many in the 2000- to 5000-word range), the subject matter can be complex. Furthermore, the sheer number of comments to each article is overwhelming, often in the 500 to 1000 range, and some are as informative as the article itself. What is really amazing is Dr. Attia responds to quite a few of them, and even the earliest articles published in 2011 have comments and responses being generated today.

Dr. Attia's rate of posting has slowed since 2012, as he dives in to the Nutrition Science Initiative, the "Manhatten Project of nutrition".

Eating Academy posts

I do find it a bit difficult to go back and find material I've read previously on the site, though there is a search box (if you can properly phrase the topic of interest), or you can hover over the "BLOG" button in the header to pull down article categories (though the lists produced are bulky and don't include an article's posting year). For my own ease of use, I've put together the following list of Eating Academy posts.

About Peter
*         Who I am and Why I’m Doing This
*         Why I decided to lose weight (Part 1)
*         How I lost weight (Part 2)
*         How a low carb diet reduced my risk of heart disease (Part 3)
*         How a low carb diet affected my athletic performance (Part 4)
About his site
          Start Here
          How can I lose weight?
          Quick FAQ
          In-Depth FAQ
Blog posts
  1112.03 You are not what you eat
  1112.13 What is cholesterol?
  1112.13 Why we get fat (video)
  1112.19 What I actually eat (circa Q4 2011)
  1112.26 The great medical disconnect
  1112.30 Revisit the causality of obesity
  1201.04 The Fat Trap, NYT Magazine article - thoughts and comments
  1201.10 Sugar 101 - How harmful is sugar?
  1201.18 The insulin response (video)
  1201.26 Irisin: The magic exercise hormone?
  1202.01 My pet peeve
  1202.08 What are the side effects of aspartame, stevia, and other sugar substitutes?
  1202.15 How can lo carb be healthy if it limits "natural foods" like fruits and vegetables?
  1202.22 Why Weight Watchers is actually a low carb diet
  1202.29 Do calories matter?
  1203.07 The interplay of exercise and ketosis - Part I
  1203.14 The interplay of exercise and ketosis - Part II
  1203.21 Is red meat killing us?
  1203.29 If low carb is effective, why are people overweight?
  1204.04 What do anabolic steroids, EPO, and carbohydrates have in common?
# 1204.11 Gravity and insulin: the dynamic duo
# 1204.18 How do some cultures stay lean while still consuming high amounts of carbohydrates?
  1204.25 The straight dope on cholesterol - Part I
  1205.03 The straight dope on cholesterol - Part II
  1205.10 The straight dope on cholesterol - Part III
  1205.17 The straight dope on cholesterol - Part IV
  1205.23 The straight dope on cholesterol - Part V
  1205.30 The straight dope on cholesterol - Part VI
  1206.06 How much control should the government have over our health?
  1206.13 The straight dope on cholesterol - Part VII
  1206.18 Welcome to The Eating Academy!
  1206.26 The straight dope on cholesterol - Part VIII
  1207.03 Good science, bad interpretation
+ 1207.12 The straight dope on cholesterol - Part IX
  1207.17 Why do we believe sat fat and cholesterol are bad?
  1207.24 Would you like to help me help others?
  1208.07 What does lower back pain have in common with low carb eating?
  1208.15 Update on the Ancestral Health Symposium and NuSI
  1208.23 Hey Peter, what does your daughter eat?
  1209.10 NuSI coming soon!
  1209.12 What would Richard Feynman do?
  1209.30 What I actually eat, part II - "IFIK" (circa Q3 2012)
  1210.22 Introduction to Superstarch - Part I
  1210.31 Introduction to Superstarch - Part II
  1211.26 Ketosis - advantaged or misunderstood state? Part I
  1212.18 Is a low fat diet best for weight loss?
  1301.01 Ketosis - advantaged or misunderstood state? Part II
  1301.09 Thank you, Woody
  1302.27 Is a Mediterranean diet best for heart disease?
  1303.28 Two choices
  1303.20 TEDMED 2013 - now I get it
  1305.28 Is sugar toxic?
  1306.18 My Quantified Self, Part I
+ 1307.18 How to make a fat cell less not thin: the lessons of fat flux
  1308.26 Ketones and Carbohydrates: Can they co-exist?
  1309.24 My 10 favorite TED talks
  1310.08 The War on Cancer
  1311.20 Got grit?
  1401.02 A podcast to ring in the New Year
  1402.04 Is there a way to exploit the metabolic quirk of cancer?
  1403.17 What I actually eat, part III (circa Q1 2014)
  1405.20 Why we’re not wired to think scientifically (and what can be done about it)
  1406.16 Success versus Failure: A stark juxtaposition
  1408.24 My experience with exogenous ketones
  1501.13 I have an ideaż
  1503.15 Random finding (plus pi)
  1603.16 2016 update
  1606.27 When does heart disease begin (and what this tells us about prevention)?
  1701.22 How you move defines how you live
  1703.07 Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible at Scale?
  1706.11 How you move defines how you live, Part II
In the left column above, I've marked a few articles for your consideration: Note: since the article list is for my own sanity, I'll be updating it as new ones are posted at the Eating Academy (everything after the 1403.17 article).

Enjoy your dive off the deep end!

The Seeking42 low carb diet series (note: this list will be updated as articles are added):

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