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4-Egg Carton

Here is a method I use to keep track of how many eggs I have in the refrigerator, using an egg carton that I've cut down to hold 4 eggs. While some might call this a "life hack", I prefer the Japanese term "urawaza". Read...

Perfect Is the Enemy

Starting a personal blog has been on my "someday/maybe" list for years. What was keeping me from actually accomplishing it now? "Perfect is the enemy of good", as my husband Dave teased me the other day. Read...

Foodsaver Tricks

I have an old Foodsaver vacuum sealing system that I bought at least 10 years ago. It still works like a champ, but many times when I use it I don't follow the manual (and normally I'm a stickler about following manuals). Read...

Groundhog Day Resolutions

David Seah is a blogger and visual designer whose productivity tools and forms (especially his compact calendar) have interested me for a while. But I only recently discovered David has a different take on yearly goal setting. Read...

How to Use One Paper Towel

I recently stumbled upon a TEDx talk on "How To Use One Paper Towel", which demonstrates how to potentially save 570 million pounds of paper a year by using only one paper towel to dry your hands. My reaction was, "hey, that's my urawaza!" Read...

How to Receive Feedback

There has been some recent buzz about a book that will be published in early March: "Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well" by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen. I'm interested to see it when it comes out, though I'm a little apprehensive. Read...

How to Watch a Lunar Eclipse

I enjoyed watching Monday night's total lunar eclipse. For future reference, I thought I should make a few notes on what to do when the next one occurs. First, go to the NASA eclipse site and look up details for the eclipse. Read...

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