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Pi on the Odometer

I captured the odometer on our 2011 Nissan Leaf full electric vehicle when it hit 31,415 miles, matching the numeric sequence for the first 5 digits of pi (photo taken 1306.28). Read...

Praying Mantis in Cerritos

I had always thought of praying mantises as exotic, almost mythical creatures, and any in Southern California must surely be imported. Imagine my suprise to see one in Cerritos sitting on our trash can (photo taken 1310.07). Read...

The Ghost of EV1

(this article first appeared in our 2006 holiday newsletter) From 1996 through 2003 we leased several electric vehicles from General Motors. We were devastated when we had to give them up, and we weren’t alone. Read...

Balancing Goats

I'm sure you have already seen the youtube video "Chèvres en équilibre" (balancing goats), which went viral with 5 million views after just two days (as of this writing). However, did you notice what happens at time 0:45? Read...

Four Aces

I just returned today from 5 nights in Las Vegas with Dave's mom, dad, and sister Joyce. Dave and I are not big gamblers, and basically go to have a good time catching up with the family. On this trip I was a luckier than usual. Read...

First Lunar Eclipse

A total lunar eclipse will occur in a couple of weeks, on April 15th. I was telling Dave about seeing my first lunar eclipse as a child, and he suggested trying to figure out exactly when it occurred. It took some detective work, but I think I have it. Read...

Flies and Stripes

A few days ago, biologists from UC Davis published their research into the question "why do zebras have stripes?" The answer: to ward off blood-sucking flies. Though more research is needed to explain exactly why stripes attract fewer flies, I can relate to the phenomenon. Read...

Tissue Animals

I saw this fascinating stop action animation on imgur, and the more I looked into it the more amazed I became. It was made by the Japanese tissue paper company Nepia. Read...


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