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Mildly Interesting [1402.19]

Balancing Goats

I'm sure you have already seen the above youtube video "Chèvres en équilibre" (balancing goats), which went viral with 5 million views after just two days (as of this writing).

However, did you notice what happens at time 0:45? Dave pointed out one of the small goats seems to shake the strip and dislodge the larger goat! It's cool because up to that point the two small goats are mostly thwarted in their attempts to get onto the metal strip by the larger goats. Even cooler, the two little guys then simultaneously jump up, just like it was choreographed.

I now have a whole new appreciation for goats, as well as a great video to make me smile.

Here's a still image that also does it for me:

"eating a corn", from K. Akagami on flickr

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