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Mildly Interesting [1403.17]

Four Aces

I just returned today from 4 nights in Las Vegas with Dave's mom, dad, and sister Joyce. Dave and I are not big gamblers, and basically go to have a good time catching up with his family. For gambling, our usual strategy is to put in a minimal amount of money and then play as slowly as possible, the object being to last until the next scheduled break in play (for example, meeting for dinner or to go back to the room). We actually find this amusing. Really!

On this trip, I was luckier than usual. I put in a total of $25 and got back a total of $61, thanks in large part to hitting four aces on this machine (at the Fremont Hotel). It had better returns on quad aces than, say, quad nines. Not that I specially selected it or anything; it just happened to be close to dad's machine.

As usual, the big winner of the trip was mom, who hit two jackpots playing the slot machines. But since we all had a good time catching up with each other, not to mention hitting the buffets (especially Makino!), we all considered ourselves winners.

The big payout came when we cashed in our excess meal coupons. Combining everyone's booklets, we ended up scoring 4 pastries and 29 Kit Kat bars. Woo hoo!

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