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Annular Solar Eclipse 2012

(this article first appeared in our 2012 holiday newsletter)

Last year, we wrote about scoping out observing sites for this year’s May 20th annular eclipse. We decided then on the general region east of Reno, Nevada, and on May 19th we spent many hours, covering hundreds of miles, searching the area. We finally settled on the Lahontan State Recreation Area as our viewing site (big bonus: flush toilets!). On eclipse day, we were joined there by our good astronomy friends Jim, Ted, and Mia, along with a few of their friends.

We were very, very concerned at the amount of high altitude moisture present, but fortunately the clouds parted and we had perfect views of all phases of the eclipse. Instead of being totally blocked by the moon, the sun is visible as a ring, resembling a cheerio at eclipse maximum. my pinhole projection even worked (see right, "One Ring to Rule Them All").

See Dave's write up on his AstroCamera site for more images and videos.

Update 1406.12: Added article to newly created eclipse series

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